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"Adding Value Through Packaging: Cold Drinks" explores new packaging formats and value-added features in the cold drinks category, using examples from GlobalData’s Pack-Track innovation tool.

This case study describes how the cold drinks market is quite saturated, with relatively limited space for new product launches. In order to take market share from competitors, manufacturers use varying and sometimes unconventional methods to provide new value. Packaging is essential as it is a key element that can provide differentiation and important added benefits. Therefore, elements such as adapting to consumers’ lifestyles or launching small and portable packs can make a difference in the category.

Key Questions Answered

  • What drives packaging innovations in cold drinks?
  • What notable new formats and value-added features have been introduced in the cold drinks category in recent years?
  • Which consumer trends have these packaging innovations capitalized on?
  • How can cold drinks manufacturers use packaging to stay ahead of the game in a crowded marketplace?


  • Manufacturers have started to adjust their packs to suit the different lifestyles of consumers. Enhanced functionality, dispensing solutions allowing easy and clean consumption on the go, and adaptable packaging encouraging interaction across all ages are some clearly noticeable trends.
  • Digital lifestyles and the fact that consumers use smartphones to interact with the world make augmented reality more and more popular.
  • Small and nicely designed packaging for singles is also on the rise.
  • Shocking, cute, or unexpected bottle shapes are equally perceived as effective by some brands.
  • A trend to launch authentic raw packaging produced with minimal environmental impact is also visible.

Reasons To Buy

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  • Understand the relevant consumer trends that drive and support innovation so you can tap into what is really impacting the industry.
  • Appreciate the importance of the sensory element of packaging in the overall consumer experience of a product and how this can help to drive brand loyalty.