The automotive industry stands on the cusp of changes that will transform its operation, structure and the lives of those it serves. Business models that have lasted more or less intact for a century are being questioned like never before.

The changes extend right through the value chain ? the manufacturing supply chain through to the way cars are sold. Indeed, the third decade of this century is likely to see more change in transportation than at any time since the automobile?s arrival in scale during the early part of the last century.

Companies that are slow to adapt or who are stuck in the past will lose in this new paradigm. The challenge to 2030 is to get strategies right and understanding how the world is changing is an important prerequisite to success.

This report from just-auto editor Dave Leggett discusses how electrification, autonomous cars, urban mobility, connectivity, and emerging markets are set to change the industry forever.

Extract: ?The auto industry is at a critical juncture. Digital processes and rising connectivity will bring great change in transportation, especially in the connected urban setting where individuals are increasingly using their mobile devices to set transportation preferences such as journey routes and transportation modes, which are adjustable in real time.?

This 33-page report explores five megatrends that will have profound effects on the future of the automotive industry, and indeed the world:

  • Electrification
  • Autonomous vehicles (AVs)
  • New wave emerging markets
  • Uber-connectivity
  • New business models (dynamic convergence)

Once established, the author sets out how the case for each of these megatrends, including where the greatest opportunities lie.

Understand the five trends set to shape the future of the auto industry - buy this report today.