The use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) in border security missions around the world is expanding rapidly as nations apply lessons from NATO UAV Procurement ForecastUAV operations to their border and national security needs. This expansion, which began with the US, Brazil and Israel, will create new markets and new business opportunities. That’s particularly true for integrated capabilities guided by an Operating Concept and turnkey packages that include equipment, training, operations and maintenance. Small nations are discovering this technology. Smaller UAV types will especially benefit in these new markets where the established players have less influence and the more complex UAVs have less relevance.

This new report is the only available research that examines, analyses and predicts the evolution of Border Security markets and the relevant UAV technologies in light of the whole global market.

It is also the only UAV report of any kind that lays out a clear path to profit; it is far more than just market predictions. As with all Market Info Group UAV forecasts, readers will find an Operating Concept tying the most common border security technologies together into the capabilities border agents demand. They will also find clear instructions on which nations need these UAVs, what relevant foreign aid they receive from the US and how to approach those governments.

This unique report also analyses and forecasts global UAV procurement trends as the foundation for Border Security details. Both valuable data sets are presented by region and by UAV type.

The report covers these technologies:

  • Stratospheric UAVs
  • Jet Stream UAVs
  • High Altitude UAVs
  • Medium Altitude UAVs
  • Low Altitude UAVs
  • Micro UAVs
  • Aerostats