Virtual Reality (VR) technology and applications will undergo a substantial transformation during the pre-5G era, leading to mass adoption of full featured, mobile supported, and fully immersive VR technologies in post-5G era starting 2020 (along with the commercial deployment of 5G).

5G is expected to reduce network latency significantly, which will enable many previously tethered-only applications and services such as streaming 4K video, real-time remote control, haptic or tactile communications, and more. Coupled with the deployment of gigabit Ethernet fiber, 5G will transform the VR market, leading to a fully immersive experience with haptic capabilities becoming imbedded in many applications.

This research evaluates both the pre-5G VR base market as well as the what Mind Commerce refers to as the 5G Accelerated Uptake market in post-5G era. The report provides forecasting for VR by segments, applications, and regions including revenue forecasts for the period of 2021 – 2026. The report also forecasts VR shipment units and active users for the same period.

Key Findings:

  • The base market for VR will reach 978M users by 2026
  • The accelerated update due to 5G will lead to $72B revenue by 2026
  • The combination of gigabit Ethernet and 5G to catapult VR penetration
  • Semiconductor components will lead the H/W market with 40% market share
  • Consumer VR apps to maintain a substantial lead over enterprise and industrial

Report Benefits:

  • Forecasts for base VR and post-5G VR market
  • Understand how 5G will impact VR apps and services
  • Identify opportunities for VR across industry verticals
  • Recognize the impact of untethered VR apps and services
  • Identify leading technologies and Apps benefitting from 5G VR
  • Identify leading VR component, solution, app, and service providers

Target Audience:

  • Broadband suppliers
  • Virtual reality companies
  • Electronics manufacturers
  • Network service providers
  • Regulatory and policy groups
  • Artificial intelligence providers
  • Application and content providers