With infrastructure providers seeing increasingly constrained security budgets, higher demands being placed on security efficiencies, and more complex digital transformation, security command and control rooms are being asked to take on an increasingly core role in both the protection and operation of key infrastructure locations. Whilst traditional deployments may have given users limited engagement with security systems, advances in Big Data analytics and communications have driven the evolution of both control room locations and the market in general. As a result, spending fluctuations across major markets are expected to shift over the next 8 years to reflect changing attitudes from end users both in terms of technology demands and deployment structure. This study investigates changes in the global market, highlighting key growth opportunities in hardware, software, managed services, and integration across the airport, mass transport, oil and gas, utility, and first responder verticals.

Key Questions this Study will Answer
  • What is the size of the control room market across critical infrastructure?
  • What are the expected growth rates of the control room security market by region?
  • Which segments account for the greatest expenditure, and which are forecast to grow the most?
  • What are the key investment drivers and challenges that end users face in the control room environment?
  • Which segments should the industry target? How should they approach this and why?
  • What are the key participants in each segment? What does a typical C2 contract look like?
  • What solutions or technology will be critical moving forward?