The carbon fibers market is expected to grow significantly in the next 5 to 7 years  primarily driven by the automotive sector due to regulatory pressure to improve fuel efficiency and reduce the weight of the vehicles.  Presently, they are primarily used in the aerospace industry and in high-end cars manufactured by companies such as BMW and Lamborghini. However, high cost of carbon fibers hinders its wide scale adoption in high-volume applications. Therefore, key research focus is on the development of low-cost carbon fibers and low cost precursors, which can boost adoption not only in the  automotive sector, but also in other high-volume industries such as rail, trucks, consumer durables, and even medical devices.

This research service titled, “Application Assessment of Carbon Fibers (TechVision)”, provides an overview of carbon fibers, its manufacturing process, the key technology and market drivers and challenges, and different application industries for carbon fibers. It also provides a detailed value chain analysis and and regional trends  in North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific along with key innovations across industries.

The research service also includes a detailed analysis of low-cost fibers, typical price ranges of carbon fibers, and the manufacturing methods of low-cost carbon fibers along with a technology development and adoption roadmap across industries.