This research service on the 'Automation Services—A High Stakes Market' evaluates the evolution of automation services from a conventional model to a managed services model. The study brings out the investment matrix for different service segments in process and discrete industries. The implications of IIoT-enabled technologies on automation services in discussed in a detailed manner. Our expert analysts have also shortlisted top 3 recommendations for the solution providers in the automation services market.

Market Overview

Immense adoption of advanced services in discrete industries is driving the growth of IIoT-enabled automation services.

Process and discrete industries are transforming into a dynamic and flexible method of executing operations. This can be attributed to the increase in the number of intricate operations and complex service requirements. These intricate requirements have forced automation services vendors to adopt IIoT-based technologies. The development of advanced service models for discrete industries has seen greater momentum; this can be attributed to the higher demand for one-stop-shop sophisticated service modules.

The evolution of new services segments such as Security Services, Software and Application Management Services and Industrial Data Services can be directly linked to the strong influence of IIoT-based technologies in the automation services market. Industrial data services and software and application management services are poised to see double-digit growth in the next two years, with large-scale adoption in discrete industries. Overall, the future of automation services will be dominated by cloud, Big Data, and augmented reality platforms.