Scope of the report

The research report includes the following segments:
  • Product scope:  Network Security Technologies. Sub-segments include Firewall/IP Sec, SSL VPN, IDS/IPS.
  • Geographic scope: Asia-Pacific (China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, The Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Rest of ASEAN)
  • End-user scope: Enterprises, which are categorised vertically (according to the industry they belong to—BFSI, public sector, manufacturing, education, healthcare, service providers, and others) and horizontally (according to the size of their operations- measured by the number of employees)

Revenue analysis and forecasts, drivers and restraints, market trends, geographic analysis, competitive trends, and market share analysis have also been provided for the network security market.

What makes our reports unique?
  • We provide one of the longest market segmentation chains in this industry.
  • We conduct detailed market positioning, product positioning, and competitive positioning. Entry strategies, gaps, and opportunities are identified for all the stakeholders.
Comprehensive market analysis for the following sectors:
Pharmaceuticals, medical devices, biotechnology, semiconductor and electronics, energy and power supplies, food and beverages, chemicals, advanced materials, industrial automation, and telecom, and IT. We also analyze retailers and super-retailers, technology partners, and research and development (R&D) companies.  

Key Questions Answered
  • What is the overall size and growth of the APAC Network Security market in 2015, and what is the growth trajectory for the market over the next 5 years?
  • Who are the key competitors in the Network Security market in 2015, and what is the competitive landscape with respect to the different countries, technology sub-segments, deployment options, and type of customers?
  • Which geographies exhibit high levels of network security spending currently, and how will this change in 5 years?
  • Which verticals drive network security spending in the APAC in 2015?
  • What are the other key drivers and restraints (regulations, policies, consumer sentiment) affecting the APAC Network Security market in 2015?
  • What are the new technological innovations introduced by the various market players in 2015, and have they engaged in any new partnerships, acquisitions, and mergers in the calendar year?