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According to our research findings we expect that Global Electric Vehicles market will be more than US$ 100 Billion industry by 2020. Hybrid Electric Vehicle holds the highest market share, but Battery Electric Vehicles market share is increasing year on year. Toyata holds the highest market share but Tesla, Mitsubishi, Renault – Nissan expected to give a tough competition by 2020.

Renub Research study titled “Global Electric Vehicles Market & Volume (Plug-in, Battery, Hybrid, Fuel Cell) Motors” provides a comprehensive assessment of the fast–evolving, high–growth electric car market. This report studies separate sales analysis of four companies: Tesla, Mitsubishi, Toyota and Renault–Nissan. A five year historic analysis is also provided for these markets. This 63 page report with 45 Figures studies the Global Electric Vehicles market from 6 view points:

1) Market and Forecast
2) Market Share and Forecast
3) By Technological Segment (PHEV, BEV, HEV, FCEV) Market and Forecast
4) Market Volume and Forecast
5) By Technological Segment (PHEV, BEV, HEV, FCEV) Market Volume and Forecast
6) Company Sales Analysis

Key Companies covered in the report are as follows

1) Tesla
2) Mitsubishi
3) Toyota
4) Renault – Nissan

Data Sources

This report is built using data and information sourced from proprietary databases, primary and secondary research and in– house analysis by Renub Research team of industry experts.

Primary sources include industry surveys and telephone interviews with industry experts.

Secondary sources information and data has been collected from various printable and non– printable sources like search engines, News websites, Government Websites, Trade Journals, White papers, Government Agencies, Magazines, Newspapers, Trade associations, Books, Industry Portals, Industry Associations and access to more than 500 paid databases.