There is a paradigm shift in the production of heavy-duty trucks across all markets, with platform-based production and modularity emerging as key enablers for profitability. Horizontal deployment of technology and cost benefits across the value chain (research and development, procurement, and manufacturing) will become a global phenomenon in the commercial vehicle market. The study captures the key emerging trends in the global heavy duty truck engine market with an emphasis on platform development strategies of different OEMs across different regions. Additionally, regional focus, highlighting platform-based production penetration and shift in weighted average displacement, has been captured.

Key Questions This Study Will Answer
  • What are the key subsystems in engine platforms and benefits and limitations of engine platform strategy?
  • What are the key trends leading to the development of global engine platforms by OEMs?
  • What are the key global truck platforms of OEMs along with engine portfolio, region of production, and emission compliance?
  • What are the key regional engine platform development activities of OEMs and tier-I engine suppliers?
  • How do OEMs compare with each other in terms of adopting engine platform strategy across different regions of the world?