Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) market has witnessed a meteoric growth over the past decade. The overall market growth is attributed majorly to the increasing territorial disputes and threats between nations across the globe. Moreover, the growing proliferation of UAVs in civil and commercial sectors has further triggered the growth of the UAV market. The global UAV market volume is anticipated to reach 4.7 million units by the end of 2020.

This report identifies the global UAV market in different segments such as class, types, application, payload, component, and geography. Moreover, the market volume and value of sub segments of the above mentioned divisions is also mentioned in the report. The report highlights the vital factors impacting the growth of the market which includes a detailed analysis of drivers, restraints, opportunities and challenges in the industry. The major factor restraining the growth of UAV market identified in this report is the imposition of rules and regulations on operating UAVs in the civil airspace. Besides, there are several technological challenges faced by UAV manufacturers including minimization of sensors, increasing endurance, building lightweight UAVs, and making UAVs capable of performing with high precision. The report also includes the value chain analysis of the UAV industry with value addition at every stage. It is identified that the manufacturing of UAVs along with payload integration adds maximum value to the overall price of UAV.

The ongoing UAV programs and the expected amount of funding of the UAVs in the future are included in the report along with the country wise procurements statistics. Key market players for commercial and non-commercial applications are listed in the report. Besides, the organic and inorganic growth strategies of the top players including the new product launches, research & development, mergers and acquisitions, partnerships, collaborations and agreements are exclusively included in the report. Moreover, the market share statistics of commercial and non-commercial UAV manufacturers based on volume for the current year has been incorporated in the report.

The major applications covered include military, homeland security, and commercial applicability. In-depth analysis of sub applications under these major three applications is included in the report. Various commercial applications covered in the report are agriculture, hobby, oil & gas, mapping, surveillance, mining, photography, filming, product delivery, and wildlife research and monitoring, among others. Market volumes of UAVs for Intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance along with the combat operations are mentioned in the report. Besides, the several sub applications of UAVs under homeland security such as border security, police investigation, disaster management, search & rescue are identified and analyzed.
Lastly, the detailed company profiles of key UAV manufacturers for commercial as well as non-commercial applications are included in the research study. This section consists of the company’s business overview including financials, sales in different business segments and geographies, research and development spending; products and services of the company; recent developments including organic as well as inorganic developments; SWOT analysis; and the analyst’s view about the company. Moreover, the competitive analysis of top manufacturers for both commercial as well as non-commercial application is also analyzed in the report.