The shipping industry has been rocked by the global recession, with the top shippers on pace to lose billions of dollars in 2009. The reverberations of this plunge can be felt throughout the maritime industry, particularly in the area of maritime security, which has dropped 8.3% in the past year.

Nonetheless, Homeland Security Research Corporation believes that, over the next five years, the global maritime security market will stage a comeback, growing a CAGR of 7%. Port security, counter-terrorism, regulatory compliance, container and people screening, as well as liquefied natural gas port and tanker security are but a few of the motivating factors behind HSRC’s forecast.

In this report HSRC provides exclusive insights and analysis into this resurgent market:

  • End Customers – (e.g., port authorities, shipping companies, government agencies, Coast Guards, LNG facilities, law enforcement agencies)
  • Products and technology – (e. g., container-screening systems, nuclear-radiological people-screening technologies, biometric ID port perimeter security, C3I infrastructure, satellite-based maritime tracking)
  • Commercial Sectors – (e.g., systems, service and upgrade markets)
  • Business Opportunities by Threats & Vulnerabilities – (e.g. WMD, explosives, deep water security perimeter security)
  • Geography
  • Market Drivers & Inhibitors

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