Wearable Robots, Exoskeletons leverage better technology, they support high quality, lightweight materials and long life batteries.   Wearable robots, exoskeletons are used for permitting paraplegic wheel chair patients walk.  They are used to assist with weight lifting for workers:   Designs with multiple useful features  are available.  Wearable robots, exoskeletons units are evolving additional functionality rapidly.  Wearable robots functionality is used to assist to personal mobility via exoskeleton robots.  They promote upright walking and relearning of lost functions.  

Exoskeletons are helping older people move after a stroke.   Exoskeleton s deliver higher quality rehabilitation, provide the base for a growth strategy for clinical facilities.  Exoskeletons support occupational heavy lifting.  Exoskeletons are poised to  play a significant role in warehouse management, ship building, and manufacturing.   Usefulness in occupational markets is being established.  Emerging markets promise to have dramatic and rapid growth.