Aerostat Systems Market - Market Forecast & Analysis to 2013 - 2020

By Aerostat Class (Small, Medium, Large), by Balloon Type (Spheroidal, Ellipsoidal), by Payload(Electro-Optics , Thermal Imaging Camera , Electronic Intelligence, Surveillance Radar, INS), by Geography (North America, Europe, APAC, Latin America)

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Aerostat Systems Market - Market Forecast & Analysis to 2013 - 2020

This report discusses the market opportunities in the aerostat systems market. This market has huge potential due to its various applications in the homeland security and defense segments. Aerostat is a lighter-than-air platform that consists of an aerodynamic balloon tethered to the ground cables. The cables act as a relay for data transmission between the aerostat and ground station. The aerostat systems are widely used for the intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, communication, law enforcement, border patrolling, weather forecasting, and coast guarding.

The market is segmented on the basis of aerostat class that includes the small, medium, and large class of aerostat systems. It also covers the aerostat systems market by different payloads that include electro-optics, communication intelligence, thermal imaging camera, electronic intelligence, surveillance radar, and an inertial navigation system. The spheroidal and ellipsoidal balloons market has also been covered in this report. Further, deep market analyses of regions that include North America, Latin America, Europe, APAC, and the Middle East have also been covered in this report. Though the market is dominated by North America and Europe, with the recent economy twist, there is a lot of defense budget cuts and instability in the market. APAC, Russia, and the Middle Eastern region are expected to drive the market during the forecast period.

This report provides a brief analysis of the emerging products in this market, trending technologies, and highlights the key drivers and restraints of the market. It also provides a brief overview of the various systems that combine to form an operable aerostat. Low operational costs, increasing surveillance operations, and the increasing demand for persistent ISR are the main drivers for this market.

A detailed analysis of the ground control station that includes its major components has also been covered in the report. The trend analysis illustrates the roadmap of the various technologies that are incorporated in developing an aerostat system, along with the industry analysis, which talks of the recent product development trends such as joint development and hybrid systems development.

The major companies involved in the manufacture of aerostat systems are Lockheed Martin (U.S.), TCOMP L.P (Columbia), Raven Aerostar (U.S.), ILC Dover(U.S.), Raytheon Company (U.S), AUGUR-RosAeroSystems (Russia), RT (Israel), Exelis (U.S.), Sky Sentry (Colorado), and LTAS (U.S.).

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