The dynamics of the express and small parcel market are shifting as time requirements and technology enhancements such as 3D printing and e-commerce result in more options for customers.   

Added to this changing scenario are improving economies and the rising needs of emerging markets as well as the changing role of post offices from reliance on letters as the main revenue driver to e-commerce and parcels.   

Global Express and Small Parcels 2014 will provide you with:

• Market size, growth and forecast figures
• Analysis of global trends
• Provider profiles of integrators, 3PLs, post offices
• Financial comparison of the major integrators
• How has TNT Express fared since the collapse of the UPS acquisition of the company?  

DHL Express, FedEx Express, TNT Express and UPS have all played leading roles in the express and small parcel market but competition is picking up from regional providers and post offices within domestic markets. How are these leading providers responding?

The post office, which has witnessed the demise of its major revenue-generator, the letter, has embraced the growth of e-commerce and now is eyeing the parcel as its new growth opportunity. Many post offices are expanding facilities to sort and distribute parcels as well as introducing e-commerce parcel relation solutions to meet the needs of consumers
With Asia Pacific, Africa and North America all forecasted to experience high growth rates in this market, Global Express and Small Parcels Market 2014, considers the effects of this trend as well as supplying provider profiles on integrators, 3PLs, post offices and regional players.