Methodology, sample size and key points
Profile of respondents

Implementation, significance, and adoption of BDA
Level of implementation of BDA
Projected market opportunities supporting deployment of BDA
Significant drivers sustaining prominence of BDA within organizations
Preferred BDA offerings in the next 24 months
Predictive analytics models favored by organizations during 2016-2018

Procurement budget and expenditure outlook
Investment allocation towards BDA during 2016 and 2018
Enterprises expected revenue from investment in BDA during 2016-2018

BDA vendor partnerships/alliances and implementation concerns within the organizations
Prominent BDA vendor partnerships/alliances over the next two years
Potential strategies to maintain strong BDA vendor relationship
Challenges encountered in implementation of BDA

Forthcoming organizational strategies
Organizational prospects towards BDA
Foremost assistance towards implementing BDA

Acronyms and definitions