1. Report Overview
1.1 Current mPayment Market Overview
1.2 MPayment Market Segmentation
1.3 Why You Should Read This Report
1.4 How This Report Delivers
1.5 Key Questions Answered by This Analytical Report Include:
1.6 Benefits of this Report
1.7 Who is This Report For?
1.8 Methodology
1.9 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

2. Introduction to Mobile Payments
2.1 Broad Definition of mPayments
2.1.1 What Distinguishes mPayment from m-commerce?
2.2 mPayment Proliferation and its Agents
2.3 Industry Fragmentation: Explaining the Disparities in mPayment Methods and Adoption
2.4 Common Delivery Methods
2.5 Players in the mPayment Value Chain and Ecosystem
2.5.1 Function of Each Entity in the mPayment Value Chain Merchants Acquirers Payment Networks Issuers M-Wallet/Stored Value Account or Customers’ Mobile Phone
2.6 Business Models in Practice for MPayments
2.6.1 The Carrier Dominance Model Value Chain The Carrier Dominance Model Value Chain Carrier Dominance Model Business Case
2.6.2 Peer-to-Peer Model The Peer to Peer Model Value System The Peer to Peer Model Value Chain Peer to Peer Model Business Case
2.6.3 Bank Dominance Business Model The Bank Dominance Model Value System The Bank Dominance Model Value Chain Bank Dominance Model Business Case
2.6.4 Collaboration Business Model The Collaboration Model Value Chain Collaboration Model Business Case
2.7 MPayment Technologies
2.8 Market Definitions

3. Global Mobile Payment Market 2015
3.1 Global Mobile Payment Market Transactions 2015
3.2 Global Mobile Payment Service Revenue 2015
3.3 Global Mobile Payment Users 2015

4. Regional mPayment Values and Leaders

5. Top 20 mPayment Companies
5.1 North America
5.1.1 PayPal Mobile’s Background and History PayPal’s Early Market Dominance for mPayment PayPal Partnerships and Alliances with Electronic Currencies PayPal Here and the Move Towards Mobile Payments PayPal Absorption of Braintree PayPal Acquisitions Hint at Larger Mobile Payment Strategy
5.1.2 Starbucks Starbucks Partnership with mFoundry Starbucks Integration with Services and Rewards Starbucks Mobile Payments Reaching the Mainstream Starbucks Partnership with Lyft
5.1.3 The Royal Bank of Canada RBC Interaction with Other Mobile Payment Platforms and Services Difficulty of the Canadian Market Large Growth Potential
5.1.4 Apple Pay Apple’s Quick Pursuit of the Corporate Market Apple Partnership with PayAnywhere and Inroads into SMBs Expansion into Europe and ROW
5.1.5 Google Wallet/Android Pay Google Launch of Partnerships to Enhance its Market Presence Google Expanding Android Pay into POS Realm North American Outlook
5.1.6 Square How did Square Demarcate Itself from Credit Card Companies and Other Readers? Square’s Security Features Square’s Hurdles and Barriers to Expansion
5.2 Asia-Pacific
5.2.1 UMPay China
5.2.2 PayMate India PayMate Wallet PayMate Expands its Services onto a B2B Platform
5.2.3 Globe Telecom: GCash (Philippines) Providing a Critical Service to the Unbanked
5.2.4 NTT DoCoMo: Dominating the Japanese mPayment Space with Several Joint Ventures The FeliCa Chip and Early mPayment Development Mobile Suica Japan Edy and Collaboration with Sony Analysing DoCoMo as Part of the Japanese Mobile Payment Landscape Challenges to DoCoMo from a Financial Perspective How Can DoCoMo Deliver Value to its End-Users? How Can DoCoMo Continue to Strive for Dominance in this Space?
5.2.5 China Unionpay Expansion of NFC and Mobile Payments
5.2.7 YeePay Yeepay Employing a B2B approach in the mPayment Space Impact of Credit Card Penetration on YeePay’s Strategy Responsiveness to the Chinese Government a Key Asset to YeePay’s Performance
5.2.8 Alipay Diversity of Payment Methods Alipay Wallet Outperforming its Western Counterparts Paying Fees and City Services through Alipay Integration with Marriott Hotel Chain and Aims Outside Its Domestic Market
5.2.9 Tencent’s Tenpay How Tenpay Uses Partnerships and Acquisitions to Broaden its Reach Early International Markets Targeted by TenPay Retail Incentives How Tenpay Can Increase its Market Share
5.3 Europe
5.3.1 Barclays Focusing on Reach and Simplicity Linking Money to CTNs Pursuing the Whole Market Innovative Partnership with Twitter for Mobile Money Bringing Pingit to the POS
5.3.2 PayPal PayPal’s One Touch Checkout Service and Direct Competition with Credit Card Companies PayPal’s Performance in a Mobile Environment PayPal Here Launch
5.3.3 HSBC Bringing Mobile Payment to a Global Base Involvement in Zapp Payments Introduction of HCE NFC Payments to Android: Tap and Pay Under its Own Brand Strength in the Enterprise Sector
5.3.4 Klarna Establishment of a Firm Base in the Smartphone-Dense Europe Klarna Expanding into the US Market
5.3.5 European Challengers in the mPayment Space Mobile Payments Service Company: Paym Everything Everywhere: Early Operator-Led Developments in the UK
5.4 Africa
5.4.1 Safaricom’s M-Pesa and its Abounding Success M-Pesa Foundation and Functionality Success with Low-End and the Unbanked M-Pesa’s Regional Impact: Who Benefits from the Service? Expansion Into the Tanzanian Market Building an mPayment Roadmap for the Developing Markets
5.4.2 Millicom Millicom’s Tigo Money: Gearing an mPayment Service Towards the Unbanked Is Showing Strong Results Connecting Tigo’s mPayment Product to the Needs of Its Customers Launch of Cross-Border Money Transactions Wekeza: Tigo Re-Invests Earnings in its Customers’ Businesses
5.4.3 Airtel Africa Airtel Launches Cross-Network Transfers in Partnership with BICS Airtel Money Growth in Africa Airtel Moves Towards Modernisation and Future Outtook

6. Expert Opinion
6.1 Linda Mantia, Executive Vice-President – Cards and Payment Solutions; Royal Bank of Canada
6.1.1 Canada’s Early Prominence in the mPayment Market
6.1.2 RBC’s Secure Cloud
6.1.3 Mobile Partnerships: Building Towards Universal mPayment
6.1.4 Explaining NFC’s Slow Start and Possible Reinvigoration
6.1.5 How Can mPayments Remain Secure?
6.1.6 Offering Value as mPayment Adoption and Options Increase
6.1.7 Paths to mPayment Ubiquity

7. SWOT Analysis of the Global Mobile Payment Market 2015

8. Conclusions and Recommendations
8.1 The Global Mobile Payment Market
8.2 Leading National Mobile Payment Markets
8.3 Determinants of mPayment Success
8.4 Shared Values of mPayment Leaders
8.5 Recommendations for an Evolving Payments Future

9. Glossary