City Transformer Selects Powermat Wireless Technology to Charge New Ultra-Light Foldable Electric Vehicle

Thursday 16 December 2021, TEL AVIV, Israel

City Transformer Selects Powermat Wireless Technology to Charge New Ultra-Light Foldable Electric Vehicle
City Transformer Ltd., designer of the ultra-light folding electric vehicle for urban applications, today announced a critical partnership with advanced wireless charging technology innovator, Powermat Technologies to integrate the company’s wireless charging system into their all-electric, foldable urban mobility vehicle solution.

Designed to become the world’s first foldable, ultralight EV that intelligently transforms its dimensions to adapt to the complexities of urban environments such as traffic and parking, City Transformer features an intuitive, digitized interface with advanced fleet management and built-in information-sharing capabilities. The company plans to assimilate Powermat’s in-vehicle connected wireless charging platform to enhance the vehicle’s advanced mobile connectivity features for enhanced convenience and freedom of use.

“The design of a next-generation vehicle that meets city commuters’ complex demands requires incorporating innovative solutions for an enhanced user experience and the integration of highly personalized technology such as Powermat’s wireless in-vehicle charging technology is an excellent example of our innovation strategy,” said Udi Meridor, co-founder and Chief of Strategy and Operations at City Transformer. “We added Powermat’s technology to our lightweight transformable EV to ensure each journey will have access to a seamless charging experience while commuting around cities.”

Powermat’s in-cabin wireless charging system combined with the advanced connectivity key features found in City Transformer’s vehicles include:

Powermat Qi®15w in-cabin universal wireless charging system with extended power protocol specifications, allows users to freely charge any mobile device while using the EV conveniently.
Powermat’s Smart Inductive™ technology combines vehicle communication interfaces with an extended charging range per coil.
The technology is proven to be automotive-grade and CISPR 25 Class 5 certified, with an enhanced focus on advanced quality factor foreign object detection capabilities.
“To enhance the user experience of driving in a City Transformer ultra-light EV, Powermat’s wireless charging technology provides an interconnected, personalized charging solution that offers seamless connectivity features,” said Ronen Diamant, VP Sales at Powermat. “City Transformer is a perfect fit for our wireless power solutions and will enable us to continue improving our technology and the customer experience. This strategic relationship answers the EV industry’s demand for a connected, convenient solution for mobility and automotive technology in urban settings.”

Source: Powermat ( original url )

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