TEMSA's Environmentally Friendly Buses Increase In Number On Israel's Roads

Wednesday 1 December 2021, Amsterdam

TEMSA's Environmentally Friendly Buses Increase In Number On Israel's Roads

TEMSA's environmentally friendly buses increase in number on Israel's roads

TEMSA's environmentally friendly E6 diesel engine LF12 model will be on the roads of Israel. Having delivered 48 vehicles to Dalhom Motors, one of Israel's largest operators, TEMSA has included a total of 83 TEMSA-branded vehicles in the company's fleet, with the last dispatch, within a year.

After signing important deliveries for export activities in the European market, TEMSA also continued to grow in different regions. With its developed mass transportation system, TEMSA continues to provide vehicles that meet the needs of domestic and foreign customers.

TEMSA's environmentally friendly LF12 model with E6 diesel engine, which offers modern solutions to cities, continues increasing in number on Israel's roads. Most recently, TEMSA delivered vehicles to Dalhom Motors Ltd., one of Israel's largest operators.

Within the scope of the agreement, 48 pieces of LF12-model TEMSA vehicles were included in the company's fleet. The last vehicles purchased by the company, which increased the number of TEMSA branded vehicles to 83 in a one-year period with the last delivery, will be offered to the people of Netanya, Israel on January 1, 2022.

Reflecting its experience in city transportation solutions to buses, TEMSA designed 48 LF12 models in the finest detail.

All the options requested by Dalhom Motors Ltd. were integrated into the buses with the signature of TEMSA.

Emphasizing TEMSA's effectiveness in foreign markets is growing day by day, Hakan Koralp, TEMSA's Chief of Sales and Marketing Officer, said, "For TEMSA, 2021 has been a year of growth and progress with sound steps in the markets where the brand is present. We believe that the 83-vehicle fleet we delivered most recently to Israel will keep up with the city's architecture and set an example for the 'Smart Cities' vision with its economic, comfortable, safe, and environment-friendly structure. With this delivery, we took a solid position in the Middle East market as well as in European market. ."

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