Global Military Aircraft Hangars Market 2016-2020

Monday 14 November 2016, Amsterdam

Market Research Report Press Release The report, now available on ASDReports, recognizes the following companies as the key players in the global military aircraft hangars market: AECOM, Alaska Structures, Contrack Watts, DIUK ARCHES, and Rubb Buildings.

Other prominent vendors in the market are: AAR, Evan Fall Protection, Fulfab, John Reid & Sons, and Universal Fabric Structures.

Commenting on the report, an analyst said: “One of latest trends in the market is joint logistics approach. The growing geopolitical instability, including political volatility, violence, growing dominances by rebel forces, and territorial disputes in various parts of the globe, has considerably influenced the contemporary military agenda of the international community in the recent past. Due to its geographical importance, the Middle East has been a prime focus of US foreign policies over the last four decades. The countries in this region have also shown signs of collaboration and cooperation around military transportation and logistics. The US Army maintains a strong military, security, intelligence, and diplomatic relationship with various countries in the Middle East, including Jordan, Egypt, and Israel, as well as the member countries of the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf (GCC). Therefore, the collaborative military operations remain a nominal exercise between the US Army and the armies of partnering countries.”

According to the report, one of the primary drivers in the market is increasing emphasis on establishing facilities for sophisticated combat aircraft. Over the years, the use and acceptance of military aircraft have been increasing across the globe. The growth of long-range warfare remains the prime reason for augmenting the fleet size of military aircraft among the combat forces of various countries. After a decade-long involvement in Afghanistan and Iraq, the air wing of multiple countries faced serious need to upgrade the technological capabilities of their air platforms, which fueled the need to develop sophisticated combat aircraft that can amplify the magnitude of air strikes. Led by the US, many other allied countries are now involved in a campaign intended to neutralize the militancy activities, which are based on the fundamental religious belief in the Middle East. The ongoing actions in Syria and Iraq have been expanded to include massive air strikes by the US and its allied nations, including Australia, Denmark, Canada, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, and the UK.

Further, the report states that one major challenge in the market is maintenance costs associated with military bases. Due to the advancement of modern warfare strategies, the deployment of military forces is not limited to the borders of the country. As collaborative efforts gain importance among countries, their military forces have also started functioning in close cooperation in foreign territories. This has evolved the need for an efficient way of constructing and maintaining temporary overseas base camps.
Global Military Aircraft Hangars Market 2016-2020

Global Military Aircraft Hangars Market 2016-2020

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