Conference date : 3-6-2013 - 4-6-2013
Venue : Copthorne Tara Hotel
City : London
Country : United Kingdom

Conference summary
The role of air assets within an operational environment has become increasingly prevalent over recent years, from multi-engine aircraft performing long range reconnaissance and battlespace management, fast air providing air defence and ground attack capabilities, rotary airframes providing transport and ground support and, more recently, unmanned aerial systems perfoming many of the above roles autonomously. As a result, air superiority has become a critical factor for operations and and an increasingly complex asset to manage. As a result, an aircraft’s mission system has becom integral to it’s operation, working in complex unity with the whole avionics suite. However, with warfare in the last decade revolving around coalition operations and a requirement to work in cooperation with allied forces, it is of paramount importance that these technical systems remain both interoperable and flexible enough to deal with dynamic events, without compromising efficacy or unity.