This report provides in-depth information on the dynamics of Venezuela defense procurement and trend analysis of imports and exports. The figures are based on trend indicator values (TIV) expressed in US$ million at constant (1990) prices. Although figures are expressed in US$, TIVs do not represent the financial value of goods transferred. Rather, TIVs are an indication of the volume of arms transferred.

SDI’s "The Venezuelan Defense Industry - Procurement Market Dynamics to 2018: Market Profile" is an essential source of information on imports and exports by key segments covering the defense industry in Venezuela.

Venezuela has a limited number of government-owned defense companies, and its domestic defense capabilities are limited to the production of small arms and ammunition, explosives, spare parts and coastal patrol craft. This has resulted in the country importing defense equipment in areas that domestic suppliers are not specialized in; such as aircraft, aircraft parts, missiles, sensors, and ships.

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