Every large corporation collects and maintains a huge amount of data associated with its customers including their preferences, purchases, habits, travels, and other personal information.  In addition to the large volume, much of this data is unstructured, making it hard to manage.   This so called "Big Data" is a challenge for industry verticals yet also an opportunity.

The enormous growth potential of Big Data caught the attention of various large players such as IBM and Oracle, to name only a couple, who have developed a key strategic focus in this area and various vertical-specific offerings.

By now many people across various industry verticals understand the basic issues or at least have heard that Big Data is a big deal.  However, most of the focus to date has been on the importance of optimizing data management and analytics.  There has been very little analysis about challenges and opportunities for capturing Big Data.

This report provides critical evaluation of the front-end of Big Data: capturing data from various sources.  This report focuses specifically on social systems as well as obtaining data through sensing/detection with an emphasis on RFID.  The report includes Big Data revenue forecasts, predictions about the future of Big Data and social/detection, and related recommendations.

Key Findings:
  • Social, search, and ecommerce systems are a key source of unstructured data
  • Future Big Data systems will rely upon an automated feed from various commercial and private sources
  • Big Data is a big opportunity for those companies that position themselves for future systems integration
  • There is an important role for hybrid Big Data and API solutions that combine the best of both worlds for data
Target Audience:
  • Big Data companies
  • RFID and NFC companies
  • Social media and networks
  • Presence detection companies
  • Fortune 1000 corporations of all types
  • Database and related infrastructure providers
  • ICT infrastructure and service providers of all types
  • Data aggregators, storage and management providers
  • Telecommunications infrastructure and service providers
  • Government including homeland security and law enforcement