Landing Gear comprises of mechanical, hydraulic and electrical assemblies. It is an extremely complex system and is the interface of aircraft to ground and allows it to taxi, take-off and land. Aircraft Landing Gear market covers Nose Landing Gears and Main Landing Gears.

The landing gears system encompasses all structural and subsystem elements. Structural elements include shock struts, braces, fittings, pins, wheels, tires and brakes. The subsystem elements include the retraction/extension system (both normal and alternate), the steering system, the braking system (both normal and alternate, manual and automatic), the indication systems and control systems (mechanical, hydraulic, electrical and electronic).

This research report analyzes the Aircraft Landing Gear Market for commercial aviation sector. The report provides insights on the Aircraft Landing Gear market, key market players, drivers, restraints, challenges and future scope of the market. The report also analyzes the market in the base year of the study and future growth potential across different aircraft types and aircraft models.

This study estimates the global market of Aircraft by the end of 2018. This market research study provides a detailed qualitative and quantitative analysis of the market. This study also provides a detailed insight of the recent developments and emerging application along with the market forecast, region wise from 2013 to 2018.


  • Aircraft Landing Gear market covers Nose Landing Gears and Main Landing Gears which contain brake systems, hydraulic systems etc.
  • The initial design and sizing of the system is a challenge in the development of landing gear.
  • The main landing gears is equipped with brakes for stopping the aircraft on the ground.
  • Encompasses numerous engineering disciplines.


  • Aircraft Landing Gear Systems manufacturers
  • Aircraft manufacturers
  • Brake System manufacturers
  • Actuators manufacturers
  • Hydraulic System manufacturers
  • MRO
  • Airlines
  • Aviation Regulation bodies
  • Passengers


A Bottoms-up approach is used to estimate the market size. This report comprises of both primary and secondary research.

Key Data from Primary Sources:

The primary research is comprised of interviews conducted with Top Management, Vice Presidents, Directors, senior executives and/or managers of the key players in the market like the Aircraft Landing Gear manufacturers, Aircraft manufacturers, Sensor and Actuators manufacturers and Airlines. Respondents were led through a questionnaire to gather quantitative and qualitative inputs on their operations, performance, strategies, and views on the overall market, including market dynamics, key developments, and technology trends.

  • Market Share of the Aircraft Landing Gear Systems manufacturers
  • Rules and regulations of the governing bodies
  • Forecasting

Key Data from the Secondary Sources:

Various secondary research sources were used such as podcasts, websites, directories, articles, blogs and press releases to collect information in addition to the primary data collected for the this market.

  • Segmentation according to the aircraft type and geographies
  • Segment-wise break-up
  • Market revenue evaluation of the key players of Landing Gear market