The aerospace and defense industry in China is one of the fastest growing industries worldwide. With the growing support of the government, the Chinese aerospace and defense industries have benefited greatly and have become at par with many other developed economies' A&D industries.

The rapidly growth of the Chinese aerospace and defense industry has presented opportunities for global investors. In the past couple of years, the aerospace and defense industry in China has grown at a robust rate, with revenues crossing the figure of USD 100 billion by 2011 itself. With a rapidly growing government budget for the defense sector, the Chinese aerospace and defense industry is witnessing the growth of many multinational companies who are setting up in the country and also actively indulging in joint ventures with Chinese companies.

Aruvian Research presents an analysis of the Aerospace and Defense Industry in China. The report begins with a brief analysis of the global aerospace and defense industry including an industry definition, overview of the global A&D industry, industry statistics, factors impacting the industry, industry segmentation, key risks facing the industry and an industry forecast.

An analysis of the aerospace and defense industry in China includes industry overview, industry statistics and segmentation, an analysis of the industry value and volume along with a market share analysis. Furthermore we also analyze the major factors impacting the A&D industry in China such as economic development, regional challenges and conflicts, aging population, reforms in the defense industry, the modernization of the Chinese aviation industry and many other factors.

Moving on, we analyze the commercial aircraft market in China followed by an analysis of the defense industry in China. In this section we look at the industry statistics, military strategy, military expenses and key developments in various sectors, along with industry trends, strategy towards Taiwan and industry challenges.

An analysis of the ordnance industry in China, the helicopter market in the country and military shipbuilding is also included in this in-depth report.

An analysis of the space sector of China includes a look at the industry through the major launch vehicles, space infrastructure, space intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance in China such as ballistic missile warning infrared satellites, electronic reconnaissance satellites, etc. We also include an analysis of the major communication satellites, weather satellites and other satellites such as PNT satellites, Shijian, Shiyan, Zheda Pixing, etc.

The report on the A&D industry in China also includes an analysis of the military unmanned aerial vehicle industry and the market for defense electronics and IT in China.

A Porter's Five Forces Framework Analysis on the Chinese aerospace and defense industry is also included in the report. A case study on China-Russia military cooperation is included, followed by an industry forecast.

An analysis of major players in the industry such as AVIC, Xi'an Aircraft Company, China State Shipbuilding Corporation, and others is included in the report. We also look at the presence of many foreign firms in the Chinese aerospace & defense industry along with their main operations/joint ventures in the country.