Lack of data protection and old security practises such as photographs, passwords and PIN codes have driven the growth of biometric technologies in last few years. Security threats such as terrorist attacks, plane hijackings and increment in crime rates has brought a huge need for ultimate security system throughout the globe. Government projects which include e-Passports, Driving Licenses, Border Management, and National ID in many major countries like India, Mexico, and Russia etc. are driving the growth for biometric systems extraordinarily. Recently, China has also announced biometric National ID program which will start to commence in 2013. As more and more people and organizations depend on computers to store their important documents, there is an increasing need for security.

According to “Global Biometric Systems Market Forecast & Opportunities, 2018”, global biometrics market revenues are anticipated to reach USD 20 Billion by 2018. Increasing security requirements for public security i.e. border control management, national identity, e-passports, internet & network access and financial transactions are acting as growth driver for the industry. Presently, fingerprint recognition technology dominates the market. However, the vein recognition technology is gaining acceptance globally which is expected to grow rapidly in years to come. Regionally, North America & Europe together contributed 61% of the total revenues of global biometrics market in 2012.

The global biometrics market has a huge growth potential due to increasing public acceptance. “Global Biometrics Market Forecast & Opportunities, 2018” includes the following particulars:
  • Global Biometrics Market Size, Share & Forecast
  • Global Biometrics Market Segmentation By Technology
  • Global Biometrics Market Segmentation By Application
  • Global Biometrics Market Segmentation By Regions
  • Market Trends & Developments
  • Competitive Landscape & Strategic Recommendations

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Report Methodology

The information contained in this report is based upon both primary and secondary sources. Primary research included interviews with biometrics manufacturers and channel partners. Secondary research included an exhaustive search of relevant publications like newspapers, websites, company annual reports and proprietary databases.