The COVID-19 pandemic prompted a seismic shift across every industry and region—cybersecurity was no exception. The rapid and widespread adoption of remote working, migration to the cloud, acceleration of digital transformation (DT) efforts, and the ever-evolving nature of threats have resulted in significant challenges for chief information security officers (CISOs) throughout 2022.

Frost & Sullivan's cybersecurity research team has developed this annual compendium to help CISOs in every industry understand the main issues relating to a range of security solutions. Takeaways from this compendium will help organizations determine which solutions most closely meet their business needs and provide practical insight to support vendor selection.

Why is this compendium valuable for CISOs?

It provides practical advice on how to enhance security posture and select vendors.

It highlights major trends and developments across several security solution areas that Frost & Sullivan covers in detail through its syndicated research.

It helps CISOs understand the threat landscape and their exposure to vulnerabilities.

It highlights the main cybersecurity trends for 2023.