Emerging markets are becoming prominent sources of military defense spending on Smart Weapons as their economies grow. From 2001-2011, China increased its military expenditures by 219%, Russia by 103% and India by 68%.

Smart Weapons vendors continue to search for new markets to grow top-line revenues, even as deficits reduce defense spending in traditional markets. Emerging markets are obvious choices for such new sources of revenue.

Understanding these emerging markets, their perspectives on smart weapons’ integration into their military postures, as well as potential areas of collaboration and competition, is essential to penetrating and thriving in these markets.

In addition to specific business opportunities, this new report explores and analyzes the following sectors, across three different possible scenarios, designed to cover multiple eventualities in these uncertain times:
  • Air-to-Ground Missiles
  • Surface-to-Air Missile, Smart Bombs
  • Sensor Fused Weapons
  • Stand-off Missiles
  • Direct Energy Weapons
  • Precision Artillery Munitions
  • Smart Bullets
  • Electro-Magnetic Pulse Weapons

Asian Direct Energy Weapons -
Scenario I Market Forecast – 2013 – 2020