The global urban air mobility market is expected to grow at a CAGR of around 14.9% during 2023-2030. This report on global urban air mobility market report provides holistic understanding of the market along with market sizing, forecast, drivers, challenges, and competitive landscape. The report presents a clear picture of the global urban air mobility market by segmenting the market based on component, range, platform operations, platform architecture, end user, unmanned platform system and region. Also, detailed profiles of companies operating in the urban air mobility market are provided in this report. We believe that this report will aid the professionals and industry stakeholders in making informed decision.

Market Drivers
• Growing Demand for Alternative Mode of Transportation
• Offers Advantages such as Decreased Pollution Level, Reduced Transport Time
• Augmented Concern for Safety of Human Lives

Market Challenges
• Limited Adoption due to Political, Economic, Social, Technological, and Legal Factors
• Limited Reliability of EVTOLs during Transportation and Lack of Ability to Predict the External Environment

Historical & Forecast Period

Base Year: 2022
Historical Period: 2018-2022
Forecast Period: 2023-2030

Market by Component
• Infrastructure
   - Charging Stations
   - Vertiports
   - Air Traffic Management Facilities
   - Maintenance Facilities
• Platform
   - Air Taxis
   - Air Shuttles and & Air Metro
   - Personal Air Vehicles
   - Cargo Air Vehicles
   - Air Ambulance & Medical Emergency Vehicles
   - Last-mile Delivery Vehicles

Market by Range
• Intercity
• Intracity

Market by Platform Operations
• Piloted
• Autonomous
   - Remotely/Optionally Piloted
   - Fully Autonomous

Market by Platform Architecture
• Rotary Wing
• Fixed-wing Hybrid

Market by End User
• Ride Sharing Companies
• Scheduled Operators
• E-commerce Companies
• Hospitals & Medical Agencies
• Private Operators

Market by Unmanned Platform System
• Aerostructures
• Avionics
• Electrical Systems
• Propulsion Systems
• Cabin Interiors
• Software

Market by Region
• Europe67
   - Germany
   - United Kingdom
   - France
   - Italy
   - Spain
   - Russia
   - Netherlands
   - Rest of Europe
• North America
   - United States
   - Canada
• Asia Pacific
   - China
   - Japan
   - India
   - South Korea
   - Australia
   - Indonesia
   - Rest of Asia Pacific
• Latin America
   - Mexico
   - Brazil
   - Argentina
   - Rest of Latin America
• Middle East & Africa
   - Saudi Arabia
   - Turkey
   - Iran
   - United Arab Emirates
   - Rest of Middle East & Africa