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Millimeter Wave (MM Wave) Market - By Technology, Components (Frequency, Imaging, Radio); Products (MM Scanners, MM RADARs, MM Macro/Small Cell Backhaul); Applications (Telecommunication, Healthcare, Automotive) – Analysis & Forecast (2013 – 2018)

Published: Apr 2013 - Pages: 461 - Report code: ASDR-60474

Millimeter Wave (MM Wave) Market - By Technology, Components (Frequency, Imaging, Radio); Products (MM Scanners, MM RADARs, MM Macro/Small Cell Backhaul); Applications (Telecommunication, Healthcare, Automotive) – Analysis & Forecast (2013 – 2018)Millimeter Waves are the highest band of radio waves and operate at a frequency range of 20-300 GHz. The radio waves in this band have wavelengths that are in order of millimeters (mm), which is why the waves in this band are called millimeter waves, abbreviated as MM Waves. In wireless communications, frequency is one of the major factors that ascertain the feasibility of the technology.

The global millimeter wave technology revenue market is expected to reach $116 million by end of 2013 and is expected to grow to cross $1.1 billion in 2018 at a CAGR of 59.1%. Similarly volumes are estimated to grow from 11.8 thousand units to more than 360 thousand units in 2018. This growth is heralded by the expected by the growing telecom application market for millimeter wave technology especially in the small cell backhaul field. The millimeter wave scanner market is also expected to grow rapidly in the coming five years.

The report, based on an extensive research study of the MM Wave technology market and the related semiconductor, component, product industries, is aimed at identifying the entire market of specifically the MM Wave products and MM Wave components in all the applications excluding consumer electronic applications. The report covers the overall market and sub-segment markets through extensively detailed classifications, in terms of both - revenue and shipments.

This report is focused on giving a bird’s eye-view of the complete MM wave industry with regards to the products market with detailed market segmentations; combined with qualitative analysis at each and every aspect of the classifications done by semiconductors, components, frequency bands, frequency licensing nature, products, application verticals (sectors), sub-applications, and geography. All the numbers, both - revenue & volume, at every level of detail, are forecast till 2018 to give a glimpse of the potential revenue base in this market.

Aspects covered:

In this report, the global MM Wave technology market is fully segmented into the following categories and the industry trends also covered, by the following aspects:

  • Total Markets: Global MM Wave Technology Market – Product Market, Child/Sub-Markets, Related Markets, Complementary Markets (with sub-segmentation), Total Addressable Market (TAM) and Market Penetration of MM Wave technology
  • Child/Sub Markets: Semiconductors Market in MM Wave, Electronic & Electrical Components Market in MM Wave
  • Related Markets: Super High Frequency (SHF – 3 to 30 GHz) Equipment Market, Extremely High Frequency (EHF – 30 to 300 GHz) Equipment Market
  • Complementary Markets: Microwave Equipment Market; Sub-segmentation into Ethernet-Only Microwave Technology Market, TDM-Only Microwave Technology Market and Hybrid TDM/Ethernet Microwave Technology Market
  • Market by Components: Global MM Wave technology components market, Antennas & Transceiver components, Communication & Networking components, Interface components, Frequency Sources, Multipliers & related components, Imaging components, RF & Radio components, Sensing & Control components, Power & Battery components and other components
  • Market by Frequency: 8 to 43 GHz Frequency MM Wave – sub-segments – 23-38 GHz Band, 38-43 GHz Band; 43 to 80 GHz Frequency MM Wave – sub-segments - 57-64 GHz Band, 71-76 GHz Band; 80 to 300 GHz Frequency MM Wave - 81-86 GHz Band, 92-95 GHz Band
  • Market by Licensing Nature: Fully-Licensed, Light-Licensed and Unlicensed Frequency Bands MM Wave technology markets
  • Market by Products: MM Scanners & Imaging Systems - Active & Passive; MM RADAR & Satellite Communication Systems - Perimeter & Surveillance RADAR, Application Specific RADAR, Satellite Systems; MM Telecommunication Equipment - Mobile Back-haul Equipment, (sub-segments - Small-Cell & Macro-Cell, Pico-Cell &Femtocell), Enterprise & other networking equipment
  • Market by Application Sector: MM Wave Markets in Mobile & Tele-communication sector, Consumer & Commercial sector, Healthcare sector, Industrial sector, Automotive &Transportation sector, Military, Defense & Aerospace sector and Emerging & Next Generation applications
  • Market in Mobile & Telecommunication sector: MM Wave market in Mobile Back-haul applications and Enterprise Broadband Network applications
  • Market in Consumer & Commercial sector: MM Wave market in Wireless Home Networking (WSN), Airport Scanning & Security, Commercial Building & Event-security (concerts, sports-events) and Residential & Institutional security applications
  • Market in Healthcare sector: MM Wave market in Medical Imaging & Scanning and Healthcare Facility applications
  • Market in Industrial sector: MM Wave market in Industrial Automation applications, Industrial Wireless Sensor Networking (IWSN) applications
  • Market in Automotive & Transportation sector: MM Wave market in Automotive RADAR, Marine Transportation RADAR applications
  • Market in Military, Defense & Aerospace sector: MM Wave market in RADAR applications and Satellite Communication applications
  • Market by Geography: North America (sub-segmentation by U.S. & others), Europe (sub-segmentation by U.K., Germany, France and others), Asia-Pacific (sub-segmentation by China, Japan, South Korea, India and others), and Rest of the Word (sub-segmentation by Latin America, Middle East and others)
  • Market – Competitive Landscape: Market share analysis separately for MM Wave telecommunication product manufacturers, MM Wave scanner manufacturers and MM Wave component manufacturers

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