The Europe industrial heat pump market is projected to expand at a significant rate owing to the growing adoption of open cycle thermocompression heat pumps, rising demand for energy efficient systems, intensifying focus toward reducing carbon footprint, and presence of a high number of energy intensive industries in the region.

Industrial heat pumps are known as a class of active heat-recovery equipment that allow for heat from a waste-heat stream to be increased to a much higher and useful level of temperature. The waste heat could then be used to replace purchased energy for HVAC applications and thus decrease energy costs.

Heat Pumps are useful in numerous industrial processes. In fact, industrial plants have both waste heat flows and heat consumers. For instance, heat consumers are process water, dryers, blanchers, and central heating systems. Waste heat flows are condenser heat from refrigeration systems, hot humid air, and wastewater.

The Europe industrial heat pump market is bifurcated in terms of product, application, and regional landscape.

With respect to product, the Europe market for industrial heat pump is classified into open cycle thermocompression heat pump, closed cycle absorption heat pump, closed cycle mechanical heat pump and open cycle mechanical vapor compression heat pump. Among these, the open cycle thermocompression heat pumps segment will witness substantial growth over the coming time period.

Concentration of steep water or syrup across F&B, and flash steam recovery across paper manufacturing are some of the common applications for open cycle thermocompression heat pumps, which in turn will raise the product deployment.

In terms of application, the overall Europe industrial heat pump market is segmented into district heating, food & beverage, pulp & paper, chemical, and others. Positive outlook towards the growth of pulp & paper application segment coupled with the growing demand for energy efficient systems will proliferate the demand of industrial heat pumps over the forecast timeline.

Meanwhile, increasing investments for industrial infrastructure development and the introduction of stringent emission rules has stimulated the demand for industrial heat pumps across others application segment.

On the geographical front, industrial heating industry across the UK is mainly driven by presence of large number of energy intensive industries which includes food processing, pulp & paper, and chemical, which in turn will boost the market size of industrial heat pumps across the country.

Expanding industrial sector across the Denmark will institute a favorable business scenario for industrial heat pump manufacturers. Industrial heat pump market in Finland will witness robust growth owing to the rising demand for efficient heating technologies and focus toward reducing carbon footprint.

Meanwhile, Spain will witness demand for heat pumps increase owing to growing awareness regarding the benefits of sustainable heating technologies and their contribution towards curbing greenhouse gas emissions across industrial sector.

Growing focus toward energy optimization across manufacturing facilities will significantly increase the adoption of industrial heat pumps over conventional counterparts in Austria.