The global meat and poultry processing equipment market size is expected to grow at a substantial CAGR through 2027. The market growth can be attributed to the increasing consumption of meat and poultry products worldwide driven by rising health concerns and increased focus over enhancing the protein intake.

Based on the type of meet, the market is segmented into chicken, beef, pork, and others. In 2020, the meat and poultry processing equipment industry share generated around USD 5,060 million from the pork segment. Meanwhile, the industry share from other animals segment is projected to record a robust 6% CAGR over the forthcoming years.

In terms of the type of processing, the industry is bifurcated into raw cooked meat, fresh processed meat, precooked meat, cured meat, dried meat, raw fermented meat, and others. In 2019, the meat and poultry processing equipment market size from the raw cooked meat segment was valued at USD 2945 million and is anticipated to witness notable growth by 2027.

The precooked meat segment has been gaining traction and will experience a strong demand in the coming years. Precooked meat, on account of its low bacterial content, helps increase the shelf life of meat products, making it highly preferable among consumers. The raw fermented meat segment generated USD 1,800 million during 2020 and is slated to grow substantially over the next few years.

The different meat and poultry processing equipment includes killing & defeathering equipment, cut-up equipment, evisceration equipment, marinating & tumbling equipment, deboning & skinning equipment, and others. The deboning and skinning equipment segment is estimated to capture a revenue share of more than USD 3,575 million by 2027.

Evisceration equipment is likely to witness notable demand in the future. Using the conventional evisceration equipment is a labor intensive task. However, ongoing technological advancements and the rising adoption of automation will certainly boost the demand for this equipment. Meanwhile, the cut-up equipment segment which was valued at USD 3,150 million in 2020 will witness a robust demand through 2027.

Finding good labor is a major concern for many meat and poultry processors today. As the processing plant capacity increases, processes need to be less labor dependent and more industrial. In addition to evisceration, deboning and cut-up processes also need a lot attention if not automated. With the advent of new technologies, processors today have a wide range of options for automating these operations without compromising product quality of losing yield.

Considering the geographical outlook, the market for meat and poultry processing equipment in Latin America is poised to register a CAGR of over 7.5% through 2027. The Middle East and Africa meat and poultry processing equipment industry share had surpassed USD 665 million during 2020 and will gain momentum over the forthcoming years.