The online power sports market is estimated to grow at a significant rate over the forecast time period owing to the increasing off-road leisure and recreational activities across the globe. With new product innovations, performance, and speed, the manufacturers of online powersports are providing a wide range of models. The term powersports includes an extensive range of recreational activities, providing parts and accessories for ATVs, side-by-side vehicles, scooters, UTVs, and motorcycles, which are utilized both on the road and off pavement.

In addition, snowmobiling has revitalized the economies of most of the communities and is considered one of the most vital segment of the active outdoor recreation and utility sector. Several provincial and state travel bureaus are also actively promoting the snowmobile tourism by snowmobile trail maps, information guides along with initiation of tollfree numbers with info on snowmobiling conditions as well as opportunities.

It is further considered as a great family lifestyle, which keeps kids and parents together. According to a Montana State University study, the key reason for snowmobiling is to be close with nature, to spent time with friends, to view the scenery, to be away from the normal demands of life, and to enjoy with family as well.

Apart from snowmobiling, side-by-sides vehicles also known as UTVs are one of the hottest segments in powersports. These are designed basically for off-road hauling and towing along with a longer-swing arm suspension for the ride to be smooth in any terrain. The use of personal watercraft has also increased over the years for recreational purposes.

Owing to the speed and mobility of the watercraft, these tend to be popular among adults and children. Further, recreation-based models tend to offer much more comfort, speed, and weight. Therefore, the above-mentioned powersports vehicles will boost the product demand.

The online power sports market is segmented in terms of vehicle and regional landscape.

In terms of vehicle, the overall online power sports market is classified into heavyweight motorcycles, snowmobiles, personal watercrafts, side by side vehicles, and all-terrain vehicles. Among these, the ATVs are likely to witness growth owing to the growing demand due to high participation in adventure activities by all age groups.

ATVs are sophisticated in nature, with a two-stroke motor, long-travel suspension, a liquid-cooled as well as an entirely manual 6-speed transmission. These power sports models are usually small and light with two-wheel drive vehicles accelerating swiftly along with running at a speed up to 120 kmph.

From a regional frame of reference, Asia-Pacific is expected to grow over the forecast timeframe owing to increasing consumer inclination towards sports and adventure activities.