Australia has the thirteenth largest economy in the world. Its defense and security policy is multidimensional, comprising a number of complementary elements – strong alliances and bilateral relationships, a versatile military capability, and emphasis on regional cooperation. It has continued to maintain its role of a sturdy provincial power and has sustained amicable relations with every nation, while exerting diplomatic power as well. In addition to its longstanding bilateral defense and security links with countries in the region, Australia is also expanding bilateral, regional and multilateral links, including dialogues on a range of non-military issues such as pandemics, counter-narcotics, transnational crime and counter-terrorism, hence making it one of the safest nations on the planet right now.

However, the security issues that are being faced by the country are illegal immigration and piracy, mostly from the South East Asian region. This had led to an increase in organizing of naval base forces across its water-sealed borders. After incessant deaths, escapes and riots in detention centers, the government is taking every step possible in order to combat the situation. Australia has had a good economic growth due to its ties with China in terms of mining operations. At the same time, the Australian Dollar has continued to get stronger in value and this trend is likely to continue for a while, courtesy of the booming mining industry.

The strategic landscape in Australia and the world has changed radically in recent years, with the threat of terrorism and concerns about the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction becoming increasingly prominent. With the unveiling of the defense white paper in 2008, the government has committed to a rise of 3% in the overall defense budget and has arranged for taking over of three new Destroyers with anti-ballistic missile capability and 12 new submarines to reinstate the Collins class and a fleet of 100 F-35 stealth strike fighters. The Australian Government’s response to terrorism has been decisive and wide ranging with the aim of protecting Australians and Australian interests both at home and overseas.

It can be said without hesitation that Australia's internal security situation is well and stable like it's known to be. Credit for this can be given to a sturdy political situation that has been maintained by its able leaders. Also due to its location, the country faces minimal threats of terrorist activities. However, the prime concerns have been terrorist attacks on Australian embassies abroad. But there's no denying the fact that Australia remains one of the most secure nations of all times.

In this industry scenario, Synergyst analyzes the Defense and Security industries in Australia. The report covers the following:

• In order to understand the development of the Australian defense and security industry, it is important to take a look at the geopolitical situation in the world, particularly in South East Asia. Our research report analyzes the emergence of a new geopolitical situation in the world through a look at the new roles to be played by the United States, China, Japan, the Koreas, India, Russia, Europe, Brazil, Turkey, Iran, the Middle East, and Africa, in the coming years.

• The emergence of new great powers around the world in the face of growing global terrorism is analyzed in the report.

• An analysis of the security market in South East Asia is important in establishing the importance of Australia in this industry across this entire region. The geopolitical significance of South East Asia is important as there are many flashpoints in the region that could have an impact on Australia.

• In order to examine the defense and security industries in Australia, it is necessary to analyze the political landscape in Australia, including the major political changes on the horizon.

• Moving on to the analysis of the security industry in Australia, we analyze the domestic security situation as well as the external security situation. Furthermore, we analyze the impact of the Australia-China relations on the Australian security industry.

• We carry out a SWOT analysis of the Australian Security Market.

• An analysis of Australia’s Armed Forces is necessary in order to establish the growing importance of Australia in the Asian region in terms of military presence.

• Moving on to an analysis of Australia’s defense industry, we analyze the market profile, industry trends, competition in the industry, Australia’s arms trade, and procurement of arms in the industry.

• We carry out a SWOT analysis of the Australian Defense Industry.

• Outlook for the Australian Defense and Security Industry is carried out through a forecast for defense expenditure and defense trade, and a forecast for the Australian Armed Forces.

Synergyst ’s report on Defense and Security in Australia is a complete profile of this competitive industry in Australia.