This report, part of GlobalData’s TrendSights series, identifies the relevance that the comfort and uncertainty trend has on consumers’ purchasing habits.

Consumers are increasingly demanding authentic and engaging experiences from brands, helping to reassure consumers whilst building trust and loyalty. As well as increased concern over health which play a central role in the trend, with healthy, natural, simple and transparent products and production methods becoming increasingly important. Also, producers need to align with the key health agendas of consumers, alongside the demand for authentic and traditional products or services.


  • Trust & Transparency is a high-value trend for which the “product packaging” is a key aspect which consumers look for. This has led brands to become more open about the way in which products are being made.
  • Simplicity is more of an emergent innovation concept, as consumers are finding comfort in simpler products.
  • Understanding these dynamics can help brands anticipate and prepare for inevitable shifts in the Comfort & Uncertainty mega-trend.

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