Sensory and Indulgence is one of the eight mega-trends that GlobalData covers as part of our TrendSights series of consumer insight studies. It reflects escalating demand for higher quality and more immersive experiences.

Migration and globalization are opening up society to an ever broader range of sensations and experiences, which in turn are becoming more accessible. Experiences have become the new status currencies. Factors such as safety, hygiene and comfort took precedence during the pandemic, often eclipsing hedonistic considerations. Simultaneously though, the boredom and anxiety that many experienced during self-isolation enhanced the desire for affordable indulgences as an antidote to uncertainty.


  • Novelty in food is appealing but not a guiding purchase influencer, making it crucial for manufacturers to communicate the benefit of experimenting with new flavors?.
  • The perceived association between good value and high quality is significant in the context of pandemic-driven recessionary mindsets?.
  • The growing appeal of second-hand products is a reflection of the shift away from materialism and towards experiences?.

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