This report offers a detailed analysis of the apparel market in France with COVID-19 impact. It includes analysis of COVID-19 impact on customer shopping behavior, key apparel retailers, sector analysis, trends, and retailer reactions.

This report includes Analysis, market forecasts, brands, consumer attitudes and trends in the France Apparel Market 2020-2025 with COVID-19 impact


  • The pandemic shaved off ?11.4 billion from the French apparel market in 2020
  • Long term shift towards casualization will hinder sales of formalwear
  • The online channel will continue to clearly drive apparel sales
  • Demographic and economic factors in France stack up against apparel market growth to keep values suppressed
  • Apparel businesses restructured throughout the pandemic, closing unprofitable physical locations and refreshing supply chains
  • Retailers focus on sustainability as consumers

Reasons To Buy

  • Gain a comprehensive view of the France Apparel market and forecasts to 2025
  • Explore new opportunities that will allow you to align your product offerings and strategies to meet demand following the impact of Covid-19 on the France apparel market
  • Investigate current and forecast trends in apparel to identify the opportunities offering the most potential
  • Understand who the main competitors are in the France apparel market and their price positioning