The Global Trucking industry had faced significant headwinds caused by the COVID-19 outbreak in 2020 which led to declining volumes as well as profitability across OEMs with recovery seen in the later part of the year led by the unprecedented surge in e-commerce. The industry, however, continues to register steady recovery in 2021 while making steady progress towards development of sustainable technologies geared towards de-carbonization of transportation. The efforts have primarily been led by battery electric & fuel cell technologies with the tipping point for electric trucks likely to come over near term with serial assembly of electric trucks scheduled to commence across trucking behemoths, Daimler & Volvo, joined by VW’s Traton and PACCAR, with a bevy of start-ups, led by Tesla, following suit. Further, mass market production & introduction of hydrogen powered trucks across Europe by 2030, too, is in the pipeline under the H2Accelerate initiative by the industry. The rapid move towards de-carbonization & sustainability has also led to a spike in M&A activity as well as JVs & partnerships amongst leading industry players with the same likely to see a further uptick going forward.

The Trucking industry & market landscape continue to be disrupted at a rapid pace by the triad of Connectivity, Autonomous and Electric technologies. Further, a multitude of technology-led industry start-ups have been accelerating & catalyzing the pace of technology-led market disruption through the rolling out of new business models, ideas, solutions & concepts. These are likely to pose a serious challenge to traditional industry incumbents which also have been facing increasing competitive intensity, especially from VW, given Traton’s continued & rapid inorganic expansion spree over the years with the hallmark being VW’s latest invasion of the North American truck market following the completion of Navistar’s acquisition aimed at effective diversification of market presence beyond continental Europe.

Against this backdrop, the report provides a comprehensive Comparative SWOT & Strategy Focus Analysis on the World’s Top 7 medium & heavy truck manufacturers. The report analyzes as to how the key industry OEMs are positioned, based on their Strengths & Weaknesses, and are gearing up for the highly dynamic & rapidly evolving agriculture market landscape with reference to the emerging Opportunities and potential Threats. The report also analyzes the overall, Near to Medium Term Strategy Focus and provides insights into the Key Strategies & Plans for the leading Global Trucking OEMs for the near to medium term horizon based on a comprehensive, comparative assessment of:-

1. Business & Product Portfolios Analysis & Strategic Positioning across Key Markets & Segments
2. Analysis of overall Cost Base, Structure & Management
3. Analysis of Revenue Streams, Resource Base & Domain Competencies
4. Revenues & Profitability, Key Profit Sources, Profitability Growth & Trend Analysis
5. Capital & Ownership Structure and Financial Strength
6. Degree of Diversification
7. International Presence across Key Geographic Markets & Regions – Breadth & Depth
8. Key Competitor Analysis across Markets & Segments and Degree of Competitive Intensity
9. Competitive Market Positioning across Key Markets & Product Segments
10. Overall Strategy Orientation & Focus, R&D Strategy, Technological Strength & Capabilities

For Whom: Key Decision-Makers across Industry Value Chain

  • Key Decision-Makers
  • Procurement Managers
  • Top Management of Industry Players & Other Companies
  • Industry OEMs & Technology/Other Solutions Providers
  • Suppliers, Vendors, Sales & Distribution Channels and other Key Players in the Industry Value Chain
  • Associated Equipment Manufacturers & Technology Solutions Providers
  • Existing & potential Investors
  • Industry & Company Analysts
  • M&A Advisory Firms
  • Strategy & Management Consulting Firms
  • PE Firms, Venture Capitalists and Financing & Leasing Companies
  • Researchers and all those associated with the industry in general