Alcoholic beverage sponsors are worth $462.77 million to European sports properties. Heineken dominate the alcoholic beverage sponsorship landscape in Europe, accounting for 41 per cent of the sector’s total spend in the market. Alcoholic beverage brands are hedging their bets on the growth of the 0% ABV sector.

Alcohol’s endemic nature with sport has seen alcoholic beverage sponsorships become a staple within the sporting ecosystem, from major international sports events right down to smaller, more local sports properties. For alcoholic beverage brands, sport sponsorship is one of the keystones of their marketing activities as sports fans often represent a collective gathering of a demographic which aligns well with that of their target audience, whilst the consumption of alcohol is widely regarded as an important component of watching the sport. Sponsorship thus provides alcoholic beverage brands a direct route to reach and engage with their target audience and ultimately, drive sales growth. This analysis takes a detailed look into the alcoholic beverage sponsorship landscape in the European market, focusing on the biggest deals and latest trends which are affecting both alcoholic beverage sponsors and rights holders.

The alcoholic beverages industry is estimated to shell out $462.77 million across 666 deals in the European market. Beer brands dominate, accounting for 67 per cent of the total sector spend and 61 per cent of the total volume of deals. Heineken and it’s non-alcoholic beer brand Heineken 0.0 account for almost 41 per cent of the total spend of the sector, which is driven by a number of high-profile deals, including sponsorship of the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Euro 2020, Formula One and the UEFA Europa League.

In response to shifting consumer preferences which place more emphasis on healthy living and growing calls for stricter regulation regarding alcohol advertisements, alcoholic beverage brands are increasingly using sponsorship to promote their low & non-alcoholic beverage products in conjunction with their alcoholic beverage products.


  • This report provides an overview of the alcoholic beverages sponsorship landscape in Europe.
  • The report analyses the biggest deals, provides a breakdown of the sector, analyses the major alcoholic beverage sponsorship markets and which sports are attracting the most alcohlic beverage sponsorships in terms of deal volume and overall deal values.
  • The report also analyses the major players within the alcoholic beverage sponsorship landscape, focusing on the most active brands, the biggest spenders and which markets they are from.

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