The global laser diode market reached a value of around US$ 8 Billion in 2020. A laser diode, also known as a diode laser, refers to a semiconductor device which generates coherent radiation in the visible or infrared (IR) spectrum when current passes through it. It is similar to a light-emitting diode, wherein a laser beam is created at the diode’s junction. As the light consists of a single frequency, it can be focused on a very small point by using a simple lens system. Laser diodes are small in size, light in weight and have low power requirements which make them highly efficient in nature and ideal for portable electronic equipment. Due to this, they are used in various devices such as barcode readers, autonomous vehicles, laser printers, fiber optic communications and security systems. Looking forward, IMARC Group expects the global laser diode market to exhibit moderate growth during the next five years.

Global Laser Diode Market Drivers:

Over the past few years, the demand for laser diodes in the healthcare sector has witnessed a growth. A laser diode can assist physicians to focus the beam with better precision on targeted areas, preventing any kind of damage to the surrounding area. As a result, the employment of semiconductor laser diodes is continuously expanding in the spine, cardiovascular and cataract surgeries. Besides this, laser diodes also find vast applications in hair removal, body contouring, LASIK surgery, skin resurfacing, tattoo removal, and wrinkle and pigmentation reduction.
In the industrial sector, laser diodes are employed in material processing owing to their advantages like compact size, low maintenance, short wavelength and high-electrical efficiency. Material processing applications involve metal welding, metal hardening, laser brazing, cladding, and cutting of metals. As material processing forms an integral part of the manufacturing process in the automotive, aerospace, heavy engineering and consumer electronics industries, the demand for laser diodes is gaining momentum.
Researchers and developers are continuously introducing innovations in the laser diode industry so as to provide more convenience and higher accuracy at a lower price point. For instance, Coherent, one of the major players in the market, has improved the usage of laser diodes by integrating a water chiller directly into the laser head.
In the automotive industry, laser diodes are now being used in the manufacturing of automotive headlamps as they offer the driver improved visibility, resulting in increased road traffic safety. Apart from this, they also provide the longest range in comparison with any other current headlight technology. In the upcoming years, the sales of laser diodes are expected to rise significantly in this industry on account of mounting demand for luxury vehicles, driven by inflating income levels and improving living standards.
Breakup by Product Type:

On the basis of types, the market is bifurcated into injection laser diode (ILD) and optically pumped semiconductor laser (OPSL). Currently, injection laser diode represents the most popular product type, holding the majority of the market share.

Breakup by Application:

Based on applications, the global laser diode market is segregated as optical storage and communication, industrial applications, medical applications, military and defense applications, and instrumentation and sensor applications. At present, industrial applications account for the majority of the market share, representing the biggest application area.

Regional Insights:

On a geographical front, Asia Pacific enjoys the leading position in the global laser diode market. Constant demand emerging for material processing in automotive, heavy industries and general manufacturing is contributing to the growth of the market in the region. Other major markets include North America, Europe, Latin America, and Middle East and Africa.

Competitive Landscape:

The market is fragmented in nature with the presence of numerous small and large manufacturers who compete against one another in terms of prices, quality, and innovation. Some of the leading players operating in the market are:

IPG Photonics
Jenoptik AG

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