Aegon offers pension plans, life insurance, and asset management services to individuals and families, pension funds, companies, and other institutions. It provides insurance products for traditional life, universal life, whole life, disability, and critical illness. Moreover, it provides services such as investment products, long-term savings plans, variable annuities, travel insurance, household insurance, liability insurance, car insurance, supplemental health insurance, fixed annuities, retirement plans, mutual funds, and mortgages. It distributes its products through agents, banks, and brokers as well as digital and direct marketing channels. The company operates across the Americas, Europe, and Asia.

This report provides insights into Aegon’s fintech activities, including its digital transformation strategies, its innovation programs, its technology initiatives, its estimated ICT budget, and its major ICT contracts.


  • Aegon is leveraging AI and machine learning to uncover insights about its customers’ financial habits, manage financial queries, simplify underwriting, pick up on inconsistencies, and improve customer loyalty. It developed the AUCUA PULSE tool, which uses advanced machine learning techniques to monitor customer sentiment and provide personalized solutions.
  • Aegon has introduced various cyber risk management strategies to secure data and IT infrastructure internally and for its customers. The company is investing in security incident and event management technologies
  • Aegon UK introduced a webchat service to interact with its customers during the pandemic. In addition, the company is utilizing Facebook to engage with and disseminate messages to its customers.

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