What is the Current Status of Global Market for Virtual Power Plants?
According to this analysis, global virtual power plant market was valued at US$xx million in 2020 and is projected to reach at a market value of US$xx million by 2031. Global market is expected to grow at a CAGR of xx% during the forecast period 2021-2031. VPP is a relatively new yet appealing idea that requires extensive study in order to be implemented. This paper offers a systematic overview of the literature on various VPP meanings, elements, and their relationships. An analysis of various optimization strategies seeks to enhance either the VPP structure or the VPP operation under consideration.

Huge demand for virtual power plants in the global market
Many countries have projects in the pipeline, and more are planned to be completed in the near future. VPP models are expandable and modular models. As long as VPP models are used to benefit consumers, the potential for expansion into emerging technology is enormous, with the customer taking centre stage and playing an active role in the VPP. Furthermore, synergies in VPP business models are based on aggregators, so there is space for more research in this field

Cyber security is becoming increasingly important
In the VPP business model, cyber security is becoming increasingly important. The dangers are real, with a slew of players vying for access to some of the best-protected resources in the energy sector. According to research done on threats and cyber-attacks, the energy sector is the second most attacked sector on the planet.

Digitalization of the energy sector by virtual power plants
When it comes to the fact that the future is digital, the energy industry is no exception. Electricity supply is experiencing a paradigm change, similar to many other aspects of our culture, not only on a national, but also on a global scale. We are finally turning away from massive, fossil-fuelled power plants and toward smaller, decentralised units that are connected together through digitalization opportunities – which are rapidly expanding. Virtual Power Plants (VPPs) are agents of a democratic change in power supply, redistributing responsibility to society.

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Market Segmentation by Component (COVID Impact Analysis)

  • Energy Generation Technology
  • Energy Storage Technologies
  • Information Communication Technology (ICT)

Market Segmentation by Energy Generation Technology (COVID Impact Analysis)

  • Wind Based Energy Generation
  • Small Hydro-Plants
  • Solar Production
  • Combined Heat and Power (CHP)
  • Small Power Plants
  • Other Energy Generation Technology

Market Segmentation by Information Communication Technology (ICT) (COVID Impact Analysis)

  • Energy Management Systems (EMS)
  • Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)
  • Distribution Management System (DMS)
  • Smart Meters
  • Other Information Communication Technology (ICT)

Market Segmentation by Energy Storage Technology (COVID Impact Analysis)

  • Battery Energy Storage System (BESS)
  • Supercapacitor Energy Storage (SCES)
  • Super Conductor Magnetic Energy Storage (SMES)
  • Hydraulic Pumped Energy Storage (HPES)
  • Flywheel Energy Storage (FWES)
  • Other Energy Storage Technology

Market Segmentation by End-User (COVID Impact Analysis)

  • Industrial VPP
  • Commercial VPP
  • Residential VPP
  • Other End-User