This report contains analysis of surveys designed to help us understand the business community’s current sentiment towards emerging technologies and evaluate how sentiment is likely to evolve in the future.

Our sentiment analysis polls continue to show that executives believe in the disruptive potential of technology. In Q1 2021, at least half of all respondents said that five of the seven technologies that we asked about would result in some form of disruption. In the case of AI, that figure rises to two-thirds.


  • Our sentiment polls ran between January and March 2021 on GlobalData’s Verdict network of B2B websites, which have 69 million unique visitors a year. In total, 2,250 respondents participated in the survey.
  • The survey focused on seven emerging technologies: 5G, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, blockchain, cloud computing, cybersecurity, and the Internet of Things.
  • It also looked at attitudes towards sustainability, the most important theme impacting businesses over the next decade.

Reasons To Buy

  • This survey gives a unique insight into the views of the business community on emerging technology.
  • The responses reveal which technologies executives view as most disruptive, which they believe to be over-hyped, and how their opinion of them has changed over time.