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Australia’s Mining Fiscal Regime 2021


Our "Australia’s Mining Fiscal Regime 2021" provides a comprehensive coverage on the country’s mining regulatory framework. The report provides information on the country’s mining regulatory bodies, taxes, laws, rights and obligations. It also provides a snapshot of the country’s macroeconomic performance, ease of doing business, corruption index and mineral overview.

The Australian mining industry is governed by both federal and state governments, which have separate roles and responsibilities pertaining to resource exploration and development. Mineral resources are owned by the Australian government, or state or territory governments, rather than private individuals. The government exercises control over resources found offshore, while the regular administration is carried out by the adjacent state or territory. Every state has its own rules and regulations pertaining to minerals. Several authorities governing and regulating the Australian mining industry include Department of Industry, Innovation and Science, Geoscience Australia, Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organization (ANSTO), Minerals Council of Australia (MCA), Division of Resources and Energy, Department of Planning and Environment, Department of Primary Industry and Resources, Department of Natural Resources and Mines, and Department of Energy and Mining, among many others. Various taxes, including corporate income tax and withholding tax, goods and services tax, among others, are applicable to entities in Australia.


  • The report outlines the governing bodies, governing laws, various mineral licenses and fees by state and territory.

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