Soldier systems market development is being aided by factors such as an emphasis on improving soldiers’ situational knowledge on the battlefield and increasing incidences of asymmetric warfare. Furthermore, rising defense spending, especially in emerging markets, and subsequent investments in procuring those systems fuel demand growth. However, issues such as acquisition phase delays stifle market development to some degree, and reducing the weight of soldier programs is a major obstacle for market players.

The Soldier Systems Market Drivers

  • Rising Incidences of Asymmetric Warfare
  •  Increasing Focus of Defense Forces on Enhancing Battlefield Capabilities of Soldiers
  • Increasing Homeland Security Market

The Soldier Systems Market Restraint/Challenges

  • Defense Budget Cuts in Developed Economies
  • Impact of COVID-19 on Defense Spending
  •  Lack of Clarity and Technological Availability

The Soldier Systems Market Opportunities

  • Increasing Defense Spending
  • Rising International Arms Transfer
  • Increasing Number of Soldier Modernization Programs

Why Soldier Systems are Necessary?
Asymmetric warfare refers to warfare in which competing forces or nations possess disproportionate military strength and weaker rivals use advanced weapons and strategies to exploit their enemy’s weaknesses. Owing to political turmoil, social, economic, and socio-cultural factors, asymmetric warfare has gone up dramatically across the globe over the past decade. The rise in asymmetric warfare has led government entities to introduce self-security and defensive strategies against terrorist or insurgent attacks. These scenarios are expected to increase demand for soldier systems in near future.

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Market Segmentation and Scope

Soldier Systems Market by Type

  • Protection Systems
  • Communication Systems
  • Power and Data Transmission
  • Surveillance and Target Acquisition
  • Navigation and Health Monitoring
  • Vision Systems
  • Other

Soldier Systems Market by End User

  • Military
  • Homeland Security

In addition to the revenue predictions for the overall world market and segments, you will also find revenue forecasts for 5 regional and 15 leading national markets:

North America Soldier Systems Market

  • U.S. Soldier Systems Market
  • Canada Soldier Systems Market

Europe Soldier Systems Market

  • Germany Soldier Systems Market
  • Italy Soldier Systems Market
  • Spain Soldier Systems Market
  • France Soldier Systems Market
  • United Kingdom Soldier Systems Market
  • Rest of Europe Soldier Systems Market

Asia Pacific Soldier Systems Market

  • China Soldier Systems Market
  • Japan Soldier Systems Market
  • India Soldier Systems Market
  • Australia Soldier Systems Market
  • Rest of Asia Pacific Soldier Systems Market

Latin America Soldier Systems Market

  • Brazil Soldier Systems Market
  • Argentina Soldier Systems Market
  • Rest of Latin America Soldier Systems Market

Middle East and Africa Soldier Systems Market

  • GCC Soldier Systems Market
  • South Africa Soldier Systems Market
  • Rest of Middle East and Africa Soldier Systems Market