The US was already grappling with spiraling healthcare expenditure, lack of affordable care, astronomical drug prices, and a high number of uninsured individuals before the devastating COVID-19 pandemic hit, leaving the healthcare system decimated. Later in the year, the US presidential election added another layer of complexity and division, with the candidates battling over many healthcare issues.


  • This report reviews some of the most important events that occurred in the drug pricing and reimbursement landscape in the US in 2020. This includes initiatives by the Trump Administration, including executive orders related to drug pricing, the Medicare Part D Senior Savings Model for insulin, and the expansion of telehealth services beyond the pandemic.
  • It also assesses the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on health insurance coverage and premium rates, and looks at the key battlegrounds during the US Election.
  • As the US now has a new President with different healthcare agendas and priorities, as well as the power to overturn many of the Trump Administration’s policies, considerations for the 2021 drug pricing and reimbursement landscape have also been included.

Reasons To Buy

  • Get an overview of Trump Administration drug pricing policies, including the Medicare Part D Senior Savings Model for insulin. See the status of executive orders issued by the Administration in 2020, including any ongoing lawsuits.
  • Understand how the COVID-19 pandemic impacted insurance coverage, insurance rates, and access to telemedicine in the US in 2020.
  • Understand the key healthcare battlegrounds during the US Presidential Election in 2020.
  • Get an assessment of the potential impact of the Trump Administration drug pricing policies in 2021 and beyond.
  • See how President Biden can shape the US drug pricing and reimbursement landscape in the US, particularly in areas such as the Affordable Care Act.