Groupe BPCE is a banking group that offers a range of commercial banking, insurance, corporate finance, investment management, and financial solutions. It was formed as a merger between Caisse nationale des caisses d’?pargne (CNCE) and Banque f?d?rale des banques populaires (BFBP) and operates four business segments: Retail Banking & Insurance, Asset & Wealth Management, Corporate & Investment Banking, and Corporate Center. The company provides loans and credit, demand deposits, debit and prepaid cards, equities, sureties and guarantees, lease financing and consumer credit solutions, and business services. The group also offers merger and acquisition advisory services, strategic and acquisition finance, and investment and risk management services. BPCE’s operations span Europe, the Americas, Asia Pacific, and Africa.

This report provides insights into BPCE’s fintech activities, including its digital transformation strategies, its innovation programs, its technology initiatives, its estimated ICT budget, and its major ICT contracts.


  • BPCE is tapping into the power of technologies including big data, biometrics, blockchain, cloud, and cybersecurity.
  • In 2017, BPCE became the first French banking group to make its public data freely available in line with the open data ecosystem.
  • Founded in 2006, Natixis Foundation for Research & Innovation promotes research in quantitative finance and data science fields.

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  • Learn about BPCE’s fintech operations, including investments, product launches, partnerships, and acquisitions.
  • Gain insight into its fintech strategies and innovation initiatives.
  • Discover which technology themes are under the group’s focus.