Our "Australia Copper Mining to 2024 - Updated with Impact of COVID-19" provides a comprehensive analysis of the Australian copper industry. The report provides historical and forecast data on Australia’s copper production, production by major producers, reserves, top copper mines by reserves and insight on the impact of COVID-19 on the country’s copper mining. The demand section provides information on the scope of copper demand from construction and electric vehicle industries, mainly from China. The report also concludes profiles of the major copper producers and information on their major active, planned and exploration projects.

Australia has the world’s second-largest copper reserves, at 87 million tonnes (Mt) as of January 2020, after Chile. The number of mine closures along with COVID-19 impact have subdued the Australian copper mine production with 2% fall in 2020. The pandemic led to the temporary closure of the Heron Resources-owned Woodlawn mine in March. Nifty mine, Cadia Hill mine, Golden Grove mine, Kanmantoo mine and Prominent Hill mine are some of the mine closures which occurred during the year, unrelated to the pandemic. By 2024, the production is expected to reach 1,191.1Kt. China is the largest partner for Australia’s copper exports, accounting for 54% of the total. However, in November 2020 China has banned imports of seven category commodities (coal, copper, barely, sugar, timber, wine and lobster) from Australia, which would hold back the Chinese demand for Australian copper in the near future.


  • The report contains an overview of Australia’s copper mining industry along with a scope of demand which mainly comes from the Chinese construction and electric vehicle markets.
  • It also provides detailed information on reserves, copper production, production by company, major operating mines, competitive landscape, Australia’s copper exports, major exploration and development projects and copper prices.

Reasons To Buy

  • To gain an understanding of Australian copper mining industry and scope of demand from construction and electric vehicle market
  • Comprehensive evaluation of the impact of COVID-19 on the Australia’s copper mining industry
  • To understand the scope of demand from Chinese construction and EV industries
  • To understand historical and forecast trend on Australia’s copper production
  • To assess the key copper players in Australian copper mining industry
  • To gain an understanding of major active, exploration and development projects in Australia
  • To get an understanding about Australia and China trade relation, as China is the largest export partner country.
  • To understand historical and forecast trend on Australia’s copper exports