Insurers are enhancing their wellness solutions, going beyond providing traditional cover. They are becoming more reactive, moving towards health promotion and illness prevention. Meanwhile, consumers are adopting healthier lifestyles choices and employers are realizing that wellbeing at the workplace reduces sickness absence and improves productivity. There is also increased understanding around wellbeing, prompting insurers to transition towards more holistic approaches. Wellness components are being introduced in both group and individual policies. Partnerships with healthtech companies and other technology providers are helping insurers promote healthy lifestyles among policyholders and inspire positive behavioral change. Some insurers now incorporate fitness and biometric data from activity trackers and wearable devices into their policies.

This report explores how insurers are adapting to heightened interest in health and wellbeing. It examines the state of the market for individual policies and group policies separately, covering key market drivers and consumers’ degree of concern around different health and wellbeing aspects. It examines how businesses and employees view different employee benefits, with a focus on those traditionally offered by insurance providers. The report also examines how the industry has responded in terms of new product innovations and which companies have been at the forefront of this.


  • The theme of wellbeing in insurance is particularly gaining traction within the private medical and health insurance space. Wellness components are being introduced in both group and individual policies.
  • Insurers are shifting from paying out medical claims to promoting customers’ health and wellbeing to reduce the likelihood of illnesses and thereby the severity of claims.
  • Some insurers are shaking up traditional business models, incentivizing customers to get fit and adopt healthy habits by rewarding them with points that can be exchanged for retailer coupons.
  • COVID-19 has raised consumer awareness about health and wellbeing, creating new opportunities for insurers.

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