Alphabet, along with its holding company Google, have been in the forefront of leveraging emerging technologies to further its digital capabilities and launch innovative products for its customers and end users. It is exploring and utilizing Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Cybersecurity, Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud & Edge Computing, and others to achieve operational efficiencies.

Alphabet’s accelerator/Incubator & Other innovation programs include - Sidewalk Labs, Verily, Google Launchpad Accelerator Program, X (formerly known as Google X).

Google provides a wide range of products and services that use cloud computing such as Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Google Application Engine, Google Cloud Storage, YouTube, etc.

GV (formerly known as Google Ventures) is a corporate venture arm of Alphabet Inc. that focuses on providing both seed, venture, and growth stage funding to technology companies.

The report provides information and insights into Alphabet’s tech activities, including -

  • Insights of its digital transformation strategies and accelerator & digital innovation programs
  • Overview of technology initiatives covering partnerships and product launches
  • Details of venture investments in companies having innovative solutions
  • Insights on each technology initiative including technology theme, objective, and benefits
  • Details of estimated ICT budgets


  • Alphabet implements a multi-layered cybersecurity strategy that mainly includes data security, network security, cloud security, and physical security to secure its network.
  • The company is building new data centers in Ohio, Nebraska, Nevada, and Texas.
  • Google has partnered with ADT with a $450 million investment for a 6.6% stake in the company.
  • Google Cloud partnered with Telefonica to boost Spanish businesses’ digital transformation and enhance 5G mobile edge computing.
  • Google acquired North to enhance its related hardware and ambient computing using North’s strong technology foundation.

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  • Gain insights into Alphabet’s fintech operations.
  • Gain insights into its fintech strategies and innovation initiatives.
  • Gain insights into its technology themes under focus.
  • Gain insights into various product launches and partnership strategies of Alphabet.